Personal Tarotscopes

My Tarotscopes have been hugely popular and have been published in Soul and Spirit magazine and published in Silent Voices Magazine also.

While I post free weekly ones for each star signs on my wall, this is your chance to get your own personalized one.

I will need your first name, date of birth, and relationship status; you can send these when you receive an email after purchase. This is a month-by-month general overview of what is coming up for you. If you want to know something specific, for the months ahead please purchase one of the multiple-question readings. This will be sent via email

Due to the increasing volume and demands in readings please allow up to 10 working days to receive your reading unless you purchase a same-day reading.

Choose your option below

1) a month ahead



2 ) 3 months ahead



3) 6 months ahead



4) 12 months ahead



personal in-depth tarotscope readings

This is where you get your year ahead or six months ahead, and you can ask four questions of your choice with the two options below.

5) year ahead month by month, plus 4 question reading



6) six month by month email reading plus 4 question reading



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